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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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millions a landmark. but in this neighborhood all anybody cares about is the people who may still be inside. >> incredibly nice people. always cheery. i mean i'm just really admired them. >> the home belongs to tech executive don pyle this picture is from his company website. he is c.o.o. of science logic. his wife sandra on her facebook page both are unaccounted for. ave been told by family that they were home along with as many as four grandchildren. this morning, horrified family members tried to console each other. even as smoke billowed from the house. two leaves flowers a bears near the gate. neighbor mary anne hodges also brings flowers. >> feels like we've lost two nice people on this street. it's hard. >> the fire started at about 3:00 a.m. and the red glow woke up the neighbor azalea lexus and then. >> flames shot up into the sky. >> by the time firefighters
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arrived and got water flowing, it was too late for any possible rescues. they had to fight the fire from the outside. >> it is a heartbreaking thing for anybody. and reminds us to be humble in our living. >> back live now. you can see the firefighters still working. they've been putting a ladder up against that chimney. a minute ago he was up there with a sledgehammer trying to break away some of the blocks. they are still trying to get at these hot spots. this is a huge fire ground. i think you saw that from our helicopter shots. so big, in fact that anne arundel fire officials have asked for help from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. a special a.t.f. team is on the way here now. but they say they're not even going to be able to get the equipment they need assembled until really tomorrow night. perhaps even wednesday. we'll have much more on that coming up at 6:00.
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in annapolis, brad bell abc 7 news. >> all right, brad. thank you. and the pyle family was known throughout that community for hosting fundraisersocal charities. that included events for the cal ripken sr. foundation inside that very home. don pyle described himself as a baltimore county native in an interview with "the washington post" just last october. >> a day set aside to honor a rights leader and his efforts for equality is marred by a local hate crime. overnight, someone spray painted a racist message on the garage door of a home in chevy chase, maryland. jennifer is live there tonight. you told us earlier that family had just moved to that neighborhood. what are police saying about this? >> police are telling us that they have no incidents like this in this neighborhood at all. nothing similar at all! now, we're not standing directly in front of this house because neighbors are saying the family has simply been through enough. this police photo captured the racist graffiti spray painted on
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a garage belonging to the home of an african-american family in chevy chase. richard brown lives across the street and was the first to see it this morning. >> very upset about what happened to your neighbor. >> yes. i can't stand it. it's horrible. that she would move in and that would happen. >> neighbors explain the family a mother her middle aged daughter and two other children who were in college moved in just last thursday. >> i went over and they didn't know it had happened. >> it was the first time the neighbors met. >> we waited until they took the pictures andn she said let's get the paint thinner and clean it off. >> other neighbors like margaret reece were in plain shock. >> breaks my heart. >> she said her dog went nuts around 2:00 a.m. her house is just down the block. >> we were sound asleep upstairs in the bedroom and all of a sudden, he got to the edge of the bed and started growling. and he's not a growler. and then he was looking out the window up the street. >> while the family is n the block, residents said several other african-american
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families live nearby. one couple lives just next door to the scene of the hateful graffiti. and while the language was divisive brown said it would pull everyone together! >> bringing them sourdough bread this afternoon and other neighbors will reach out to them. they will be embraced as part of this neighborhood. >> we talked to a young african-american man who lives in the neighborhood a few moments ago and he said he's very upset about what's happened. he can't make sense of at all. he grew up here and said there's never been any trouble like this before. montgomery county police charge of this investigation. they are taking it very seriously. if you have any information, you're asked to call them. reporting live from chevy chase, i'm jennifer donaldon abc 7 news. >> a 2-year-old boy found alone on a d.c. street is back with his family tonight. officers discovered the child wandering around southeast around 1:00 this morning. boy was fully clothed but didn't have any shoes on. police say it appears the
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child's babysitter fell asleep and the little boy wandered outside. no charges are expected. >> we turn to the weather now. welcome relief from the frigid temperatures today. we had mild temperatures all across the area so will it last into tomorrow? chief meteorologist doug hill has the first look for us. hi, doug. >> hi there, alison. good news. we'll start our coverage with a live look at the rockville campus of the montgomery college and here's the good news. daylight hours are extending now. it's 5:05 and still a little low aged sun on the building. it's all good. skies are fairly clear. all good stuff as we get through the evening hours, temperatures will drop. still 50 in culpepper and the good news is we're only going to drop into the upper 20's to about 30 in the suburbs and in the 30's in the city. slow drop in temperatures and we wake up 29 to 35 degrees in the range of temperatures early tuesday morning with partly cloudy skies. skies will start to increase
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during the day in response to a clipper system coming out of canada. that will be wednesday's weather and bring the possibility of rain and/or snow and maybe in some spots some little accumulation. we'll iron out the details and possible effects when i join you in just a couple of minutes. alison? >> see you then, doug. thank you. she had a big personality for a little woman. that's what carol glover's older son had to say about his mother. she died a week ago today in that metro smoke incident. today was the day to remember her life. suzanne kennedy was at today's memorial service. she joins us live from l'enfant plaza with what she's learned about miss glover and the community that loved her so much. suzanne? >> alison there was no shortage of love and joy offered toward the glover family today. carol glover of course being the woman who died in the yellow line smoke incident here in the tunnel that you see below me at the l'enfant plaza metro station. we learned an interesting fact today. we learned that carol glover's
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father died 13 years to the exact die that glover died. he died in a house fire also from smoke inhalation. capitol hill baptist church is where carol glover's life was celebrated by and friends. the senior systems analyst for the federal government was remembered as a devout woman with an unconditional love for her family and friends. >> she was one of the most joyful and loving and caring people i've ever had the privilege of meeting. >> glover's older son was the first to speak at the service. saying his mother lived a complete life and she did it right. anthony glover says he heard from fellow metro riders who were on board the train with his mother last monday. >> and they were just very blessed to have a mother that's there and that speaks volumes on the type of life she lived and the type of woman she was. >> life long friend and alexandria mayor bill uhle was among those paying his respects today.
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>> the loss of carol glover not only to her family but to friends and to her community is certainly a tragedy. she will be missed but it's a happy day today in terms of knowing where she is and she's in a better place. >> glover's mother told the congregation that carol's death was for a purpose to make a change. her friends agree. >> i pray that the managers of the metro system will take all this to heart and do something. >> you just hope that her death wasn't in va was a terrible thing that happened. >> carol glover's son took a moment during the service today to offer his thanks to jonathan rogers one of the metro passengers who conducted c.p.r. on glover during the time that they in that train. he said quite simply my family is your family. reporting live in southwest washington suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> all right, suzanne, thank you. virginia governor terry mauliffe is in a richmond hospital tonight.
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the governor is having excess fluid drained from around his lungs after he was thrown from a horse. mauliffe broke several ribs in that accidenring a trip to africa. mauliffe attended a martin luther king day event in norfolk this morning. the governor's office says he should be at work later this week. >> today, the nation paused and marched to remember the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. here the event included the annual peace walk and parade down martin luther king jr. avenue through southwest and southeast washington. our sister station newschannel 8 aired that parade in its entirety. across the nation tonight, another kind of march aimed at honoring the ideals of dr. king using peaceful protests. marcy gonzalez shows us a nation on the move. >> across the country, a day of service and rememberance. at this church in atlanta, dr. martin luther king jr.'s daughter and sister leading a ceremony honoring the slain civil rights leader on this holiday commemorating what would have been his 86th birthday.
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>> i think it is my duty to be here and to honor him today. >>st to coast -- >> ♪ i'm gonna let it shine ♪ >> marches and rallies, carrying dr. king's message of equality. some tying that into protests over ongoing tensions between some police and black communities. >> we have to bridge that separation. particularly society as a whole. >> in selma, alabama, 50 years after police beat down demonstrators as they marched with dr. king for the right to vote, this holiday weekend a symbolic unity march. 1,000 families walking hand in hand with producers and stars of the film "selma." >> really is important chronicling of such important movement for america. a movement that is not over. >> others spending this holiday carrying on dr. king's legacy of service which once said life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others? and so many today are answering
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that with actions. >> including president obama first lady michelle and malia who spent this day of service volunteering at a boys and girls club. marcy gonzalez, abc news new york. >> as marcy mentioned, today is also a day for service. and we'll show you how local residents used their day off from work to benefit those in need. that's ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00, where pope francis plans to stop in d.c. during his first trip to the u.s. and how he answered one of the toughest questions of the christian faith. >> plus the harsh new criticism of metro's response to last week's smoke incident on the yellow line. >> looked out my passenger window and on my right side and saw my life coming towards me. >> the man who survived his truck being crushed between two tractor-trailers describes what he went through, what went through his head, rather, the moment of impact! >> first, the simple step a
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mother took months ago that she says savedtt2w>rxly po j# ?a( tt2w>rxly p!!án oa@ tt2w>rxly p4!j# 9w4 tt2w>rxly px#á&ú:>y@ tt2w>rxly pt#j'ú:áy$ tt2w>rxly pt#j)ú:!9@ tt2w>rxly pp#jáú:6"é tt2w>rxly pp#j,ú:wx< tt2w>rxly pl#á.ú:íq0 tt2w>rxly pl#á0ú:egx
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>> take a look at. this a local mother is sharing
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this pick of her crushed car in hopes of sending a message. her message that properly installed safety seats save lives. this made an important discovery before a wreck that was a life saver really. >> it certainly did, alison. and, you know parents are often concerned about making sure that they have the best car seat for their child. but as this mother learned recently, it doesn't mean anything if it's not installed properly. it's not hard to see by looking at these photos just how bad the impact was. nicole luke's family was on her way back from a holiday family gathering when they were rear ended. her 3-year-old and 8-year-old girls were in the back seat. >> everybody was injured in the car but we were alive. and that was the most important part. >> she says she credits that to their safety seats. >> i felt like they did their job! >> luckily for luke just two months before the accident she says she went to a car seat checkup event to make sure her
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3-year-old seat was installed properly. it turned out it was her 8-year-old who needed an adjustmeer seat. >> just shows that even when you think you know you're not always, you know, correct as parents. >> according to save kids worldwide, four out of five car seats are installed uncorrectly. >> you know, they did a great job and they're protecting kids now up to a higher age which is 8. we know that one size fit all. >> one of the common mistakes parents make includes picking the wrong seat for their child. once you find the right one they recommend that parents conduct a pinch test to make sure the harness and the car seat is nice and snug. if you can pinch the harness away it's too loose and the seat itself doesn't move more than an inch. now the d.c. blogger who typically writes about cheap or free programs to take advantage in the community feels like she has a new calling writing about safety tips for parents. >> i felt that i had an the community to
5:17 pm
remind everybody how important the subject matter is. >> and if you're not sure if your child is ready to be in the car without a booster seat experts say a quick way to check that is make sure that the seat belt actually goes across their chest and that the lap belt fits on the upper thighs or on their hips. diane cho, abc 7 news. >> thanks diane. we are hearing tonight from the man whose terrifying wreck sparked an image that went viral on social media. take a look at this. kaleb whitby's chevy truck slid into a jackknifed tractor-trailer in oregon to be crushed by another tractor-trailer. whitby said after the initial crash, he turned and all he could see is the headlights of the second tractor-trailer. >> i turned right back and closed my eyes and said a prayer that i'll be safe. i'm firm in that. i tucked my head and kept praying the whole time. when things like that happen and
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what i've come to realize it is a miracle. >> incredibly whitby walked away from that mangled mess of steel with only bruises and cuts. in all, 26 cars were involved in the pile-up on ice covered roads. we are lucky we did not have any of that around here this weekend. >> a little sleet north of town this morning but all things considered, we're in a weather pattern that's pretty nice and talking that the six to next seven days looks really great. wednesday, not so great. let's tell you what the possibilities are as we see them right now. at the moment, skies are partly cloudy. this is the look a above the elementary school in the district this morning and then the skies started to clear and everybody in the metro area climbed close to 50 degrees and right now, it is beautiful. the sun is down -- been down about three minutes. still a nice orange glow. enjoy it for the next 15 to 20 minutes this evening. temperatures still comfortable. 45 now in college park. that's good.
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43 degrees in hay market after a high of 47. the winds are starting to slacken a bit. quite a bit breezy. temperatures very comfortable for this point in january. still holding on to 50 degrees in fredricksburg. 41 in gaithersburg. 42 in baltimore and 48 at reagan national airport. temperatures will drop tonight but not to really cold levels. 29 to 35 for this time of year. not bad. partly cloudy conditions through the overnight. tomorrow, start with a little bit of sunshine but lose ground to cloudiness during the day. look at current temperatures and this is going to play into the forecast for wednesday. it's colder north of washington than it is to the south. but this isn't dramatically cold. it's 38 in boston. 33 in burlington. 35 in caribou where they usually hang about zero or below for the good portion of the winter and warmer air to the south and west. we'll get that tomorrow. this all sets the stage for what's coming for the day on wednesday. tomorrow, get some increasing cloudiness and wednesday, we deal with this clipper. a lot that we don't know about this. except it's track, its
5:20 pm
trajectory looks pretty good to be headed right at our area. temperatures will be borderline so it could be rain, could be snow, could be a mix. if you just go with climate information, you'd think the farther north and west you go from washington a little higher elevation, might be a little better chance for some accumulation. not out of the question. we could have some accumulation. grassy area type. what we'll do is just watch i because the system doesn't have much moisture to work with now. we're seeing downstream moisture figure in. we'll watch it. computer run by computer run, watch it in real time and especially by this time tomorrow, should have a much better idea of how much moisture production this system could do. whether it be rain or snow. giving you a heads-up. tomorrow fine wednesday not so fine potentially and beyond that, it looks good for the rest of the week. this is one future cast model that shows mostly cloudy in the morning, midday north of town. in the afternoon and evening, everybody gets involved in the cloudiness as the upper level winds bring the clouds in advance of this system and just that quickly by wednesday morning it will be over top of us with rain indicated south of the metro area and this is just a projection.
5:21 pm
doesn't mean this is the way it's going to happen and see the areas of rain and snow continuing to expand a bit to the north as it heads off shore later in the afternoon and at night. definitely something to keep an eye on. beyond that we clear out thursday, friday, saturday and sunday it looks just fine. here's our tuesday express. start with partly cloudy skies. average wake-up temperature at 33. 45 by midday. more clouds in the afternoon. and then we look beyond and see the 60% chance of rain and/or snow on wednesday and again, that is what we see right now based on the development of the system and future modeling of it. we'll be able to adjust the numbers for you and the probabilities and the type of precipitation. we get to wednesday night. starts to clear out late at night, thursday friday, saturday sunday and mlooks sweet to me. temperatures in the 40's with sunshine each day. >> promise? >> i never make promises here ever, ever. i highly think it's going to happen. >> that's enough. >> good. >> that's good. >> thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a little girl asks pope
5:22 pm
francis why god allows children to suffer. what the head of the catholic church said in response. >> plus new criticism for metro. it is time delegate eleanor holmes norton said they missed chances to prepare for the worse. >> how to keep the new year's resolution of getting fi
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>> every year losing weight and saving money top the list of new
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year's resolutions but for many, the trick is to lose weight without breaking thebank. here's some ways to do just that in our "7 on your side" money saver report. >> soon-to-be bride stephanie rask spends most of her free time looking at venues cakes and party favors. that's not only on her mind. >> i had my first fitting last weekend, actually. so -- and the dress fits! i found there were areas that i would like to tighten up a little bit like my arms. >> so far, she's been doing the tride and true method of running. she'd rather be taking spin classes at popular boutiques like spin cycle. shelling out a ton of money to spin and slim down for her big day is out of the question for this budget bride. >> very difficult to try to set aside money for working out and making the justification for it. >> 7 is here to save stephanie
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and you money on working out. we checked in with the folks at active life and they tell us the key to saving money is to be open minded and flexible. do you like to spin? active life editor suggests buying a road bike and signing up for free group rides by organized local bike shops in d.c. if you have to be indoors on your bike, try buying a used stationary bike that you can use at home and then download a free app called pelican cycle on your smartphone or your tablet and it lets you stream free live and on demand spin classes right on your tablet or tv. >> something else you may not know, there are many retailers right here that sponsor free classes every day including reebok, nike, lulu lemon to name a few. you can find more money saving tips on our website. head to >> thanks jummy.
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now, "7 on your side" health alert. a new study questions the link between salt instay and cardiovascular problems. researchers at emory university studied 2600 people between 71 and 80 years of age. their rate of heart problems was the same whether people consumed fewer than 1500 milligrams of sodium per day or 23300 milligrams. some cities including new york have put pressure on restaurants and food manufacturers to limit salt content. >> manying ko -- coming up at 5:00 an arlington woman who is blind left in limbo when the airline lost her luggage. what it took to get her bag back oochlt -- >> and the pope answers when a little girl asked him why god lets children suffer. >> is the metro ready to handle an act of terrorism after the
5:28 pm
slow response on the yellow line? comi
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>> more criticism for metro tonight over the slow response to last monday's incident that left a yellow train and the l'enfant plaza station filled with smoke. >> that incident now, of course blamed for carol glover's death. services were held for that grandmother of three today in the district.
5:31 pm
more than 80 other people were injured while waiting more than half-hour for help to arrive. >> of course this is prompting some tough questions over how metro would respond to a terror attack. "7 on your side" investigator joce sterman is looking for answers and she's live tonight at l'enfant plaza with what she's found. joce? >> well maureen, emergency officials confirm workers have in the last few months been practicing underground for situations just like this. but critics say it did not help with this response. they're obviously concerned about how the agency will respond not just to incidents like what happened on the yellow line. but also far worse. >> sofia brothers was in no rush to get back on the metro after last week's int -- incident on the yellow line. buzz this week still abohat some believe was a slow response by metro. >> anything could happen. like i said and we should have
5:32 pm
it by now. >> instead, critics have called out metro for delayed response and difficulty communicating leaving metro riders trapped waiting for shocking. >> and unacceptable according to congresswoman eleanor holmes norton who believes this indent shows metro isn't fully prepared to handle something worse like an act of terrorism. with 9/11 and a deadly metro accident in 2009 she feels the agency had plenty of time and examples to develop a game plan. >> it was right in the last and metro knows it. do they have a game plan? if so, they never showed it. >> but plans from d.c.'s emergency management agency were used once that organization was brought into the loop. >> so was it an effective plan? >> absolutely an effective plan. >> director chris geldorf can't comment on metro's timing but was pleased how first responders handled the mission once they got involved. >> two hours to move 200 people out of a metro tube smoke filled to surface level and get
5:33 pm
evaluated by medical personnel and transported, two hours? that's pretty good time. >> the congresswoman has demanded and will get a briefing on the response on wednesday along with other local lawmakers. metro will be there. we wanted to ask them about their response to this incident. their representative tells us they cannot comment because of the ongoing federal live in southwest washington joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> joce thank you. on abc 7 and the "7 on your side" team. they will continue pushing for answers as to what went wrong last monday on metro. we will bring you new details when we learn them on air and on our website at >> here's another look at tonight's top stories. as many as six people remain unaccounted for following a fire that gutted a mansion in annapolis this morning. the home belongs to tech executive don pyle and his wife sandra. family members have told firefighters the couple was at home along with as many as four grandchildren.
5:34 pm
>> well police are trying to find whoever is responsible for spray painting racist graffiti on an african-american family's home in chevy chase. this happened overnight on glenmore road and neighbors say the family moved in within the past week. >> here in washington and around the nation, marchers paid tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. >> well new tonight, pope francis has confirmed his fall trip to the united states will begin in washington. the preliminary plans have the pontiff arriving in d.c. september 22nd. he would visit the white house speak to congress the next day possibly celebrating mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. he would then travel up to new york on the 24th. and speak at the united nations the following day. the trip would culminate with a three-day stop in philadelphia for a major church meeting there
5:35 pm
on family issues. and pope francis, meanwhile, is just now returning to the vatican after speaking to massive crowds during a visi the philippines. by some estimates, he spoke to millions of people. they packed into a manila park for a mass there. and it was during that visit, that one little girl asked the pontiff the toughest of all questions. why does god let children suffer? pope francis responded by saying it's a question with no answer. he went on to explain how we must treat each child's life as a gift to prevent suffering as much as possible. >> there will be some road closures around the u.s. capitol starting tomorrow night at 7:00 constitution avenue and d streets between second streets and louisiana avenue will be closed. that's along with maryland avenue between first and third streets.
5:36 pm
for a complete list of road closures and parking restrictions, go to time for a check on the traffic situation this holiday monday. bob emler is in the wtop traffic center with details. bob? >> maureen, certainly not a typical rush hour on this martin luther king jr. holiday. h.o.v. restrictions not in effect. in the district, rock creek parkway and canal road stay in two-way operation normally the rush hour they go to one way. brief delays around the region. want so much in bethesda and silver spring. a little slow northbound and southbound getting to the occoquan briefly slow. let's see how things look like now. a little bit of volume getting past river road and really moving ok on the inner loop. pretty light getting up to 270 and on 66 just brief volume delays between vienna and fairfax city. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> coming up at 5:00 luggage lost. a blind woman left without her winter clothing.
5:37 pm
what it took to finally get that bag and those warm clothes back. >> and at 6:00 honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king. how hundreds here in the district are turning
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
>> an arlington woman's return
5:40 pm
home from michigan left her in the cold without her winter clothing and that after the airline lost her bag. >> and compounding it all, that woman is blind. here's what happened when "7 on your side" trouble shooter horace holmes went to work on her behalf. >> she was so fed up waiting for american airlines to find her lost luggage that "7 on your side" put her in our car and drove her to reagan national. and helped her look through the hundreds of unclaimed bags. >> all i get is the auto reply that says we got your message. >> about finding her lost luggage and for her. >> doesn't appear to be out here. >> doing all this has been no small feat. >> i have to get the ticket number off of here which is very difficult. >> she's almost totally blind. over the holidays, she went on a trip to michigan to visit family. on her way home she missed her connecting flight in chicago to reagan national. >> they were supposed to have somebody at the gate to meet me to escort me to my next gate.
5:41 pm
>> that didn't happen. but her luggage moved on and was for some reason routed on to charlotte, north carolina. she reached home without her bag which, among other things had all of her winter clothes. >> they have you know 1600 plus worth of my belongings. >> even though they told her three days later her luggage was at reagan national and they would deliver it to her home day after day passed and promises remained unfulfilled. >> we aren't seeing it. >> finally, thanks to a baggage claim representative from american airlines -- we found it. but not in the area slated for bags to be delivered. >> it was never delivered which was the promise. as i said i explained several times i'm blind and i can't drive. it has to be delivered. it f it weren't for you, that would be my only option. i'm happy to have all my clothes and all my belongings back. very happy. >> at reagan national horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> glad she got her luggage
5:42 pm
back. american airlines has apologized to her. the company says a large number of bags that were supposed to come to reagan national airport were instead routed elsewhere because of bad weather. we learned about this story through a tip to "7 on your side." to reach horace and the "7 on your side" team, e-mail tips at or call the "7 on your side" hotline and we mayk into your problem. >> may not take you to the airport to get your bags. >> special case. coming up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, dogs poisoned! the warning signs owners should be on the ok, i'een letting us down.
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>> tonight, as we honor martin luther king jr. join us for a special national town hall about race relations in america. for a look at where america stands when it comes to the racial divide and how it could move forward. that airs at 7:00 tonight on our sister station newschannel 8 and at >> an alabama man is due in court next month after an officer ticketed him for eating
5:46 pm
while driving. the incident happened last week outside of atlanta. the man said he bought a cheeseburger at mcdonald's drive-through on the way to see a friend and a few miles down the road, an officer pulled him over. >> officer explained to me that he had been eating a burger for about two miles. he said specifically three times he can't just drive down the road eating a hamburger. >> the officer ticketed madison turner under georgia's distracted driving law. turner said he wasn't speeding he was following all of the traffic laws. and he plans to fight that ticket in court. we'll let you know what happens. well, do you think you have what it takes to pilot a drone? facebook wants to hear from you. the company is looking to hire 1100 more people. several dozen openings are at facebook's virtual reality unit. the company also has openings for aerospace mechanical
5:47 pm
technicians, avionics engineers and a flight test manager. last year, facebook announced plans to provide internet access using drones and satellites. >> amazon is entering the movie business. the company's studio that already produces tv shows plans to release 12 films a year. they will produce some films and buy the rights to others. the movie will appear on the prime instant video service four to eight weeks after premiering in theaters. >> well, clint eastwood's "american sniper" tops the holiday weekend box office. movie based, of course, on a true story swept the competition bringing in more than $105 million. it is the largest opening for a drama ever beating the previous record holder "avatar" by nearly $30 million. "american sniper" is also nominated for six academy awards. >> tonight at 6:00 the co-founder of a social networking startup charged with murder in loudoun county.
5:48 pm
the details being released by police. plus the minimum wage debate ramps up in virginia. the setback today for low wage workers. and where one business owner is already paying employees more than mandated and we have an update on governor terry mauliffe's condition tonight after he was hospitalized earlier today. those stories and more at 6:00. >> all right. now let's get an update on the weather. we had a really nice pleasant day. so doug what's ahead? >> also very pleasant night. had 43 degrees right now outside the storm watch weather center. give you look at a little graphic that we put together about the daylight hours. sun setting later each day. today, we have nine hours and 51 minutes of daylight. watch what happens over the next month or so. by the end of the month, we've taken it to 10 hours and 13 minutes. by the end of february 11 hours and 17 minutes and get close to spring, we'll be over 12 hours of daylight. so we've made the turn even though officially we're smack dab in the middle of winter. 37 in gaithersburg and 42 in
5:49 pm
hagerstown. 42 degrees in fredricksburg and near andrews air force base. tonight, we'll be cold. 29 to 35. in many areas, temperatures that will be a couple of degrees above average. nice and quiet with light winds. through the day tomorrow, we'll see some increasing cloudiness through the day get upper level winds bringing in some cloudiness. well in advance of the little clipper system that's going to pay us a visit on wednesday and even though this model may change over the next 24 hours, whether it be rain or snow or a mix, it looks like there will be a fast mover. there is the potential in some areas of some accumulation but again, quickly out of here by early evening hours on wednesday and then back i think, to a very pleasant extended outlook. here's our story moving forward. we'll call for temperatures to climb back into the mid to upper 40's tomorrow with increasing cloudiness. and then a 60% chance of rain and/or snow on wednesday. and then a long stretch of pleasant late january days thursday through next monday. partly cloudy each day with high temperatures's. that is the latest. maureen and alison back to you. >> thanks doug. right now, a major event to pay
5:50 pm
tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. is wrapping up in north bethesda. >> and our leon harris is there, he spoke to that crowd at the strathmore music center and he's there with what those at the event are hoping to accomplish. hi leon. >> hey there, ladies! that's the reason why i'm not sitting next to you right now, alison, is because i was actually out here working here at the strathmore music center. we had a wonderful time here with the montgomery county commemoration of dr. martin luther king's birthday the committee here put on a wonderful show. there was some incredible acts here. young people were doing some really amazing things on stage creating some original pieces. that young man you're listening to right there, dennis erickson he blew this place away. it was a really good time because i always say, it's a good day if you know somebody at 9:00 p.m. you didn't know at 9:00 a.m. what we did this afternoon is the history of the civil rights movement and tying it into what is happening here in montgomery
5:51 pm
county. learned a lot about the of the county and got a chance to see some incredible talent here. things are looking bright out here in rockville. alison? >> sounds great, leon. we look forward to hearing more about it when you get back here in the station. thank you. >> amazing. >> yes you had a busy weekend, too. lots of stuff happening. >> how about baseball? everybody is getting excited about the nationals. we are still gathering information. several sources reports that they say washington and right-handed much pitcher max scherzer have agreed verbally to a seven year contract. seven years $210 million with a $50 million signing bonus. how about this? half the contract is deferred. it breaks down to $15 million a year for the next 14 years. by the time that contract ends be sitting in the beach in aruba. max scherzer is 30 years old and he was a 2013 cy young award winner and has been an all star the last two seasons. he joins steven strusburg, jordan zimmerman and unquestionably the best staff in all of baseball. baseball insiders say the nats
5:52 pm
don't have any serious trade talks going on right now. hold your horses on that. but they are the favorites to win the world series. all right. the wizards are playing an emotional game this afternoon. they played an emotional game this afternoon against the 76ers. in the phone booth. the players understand what the martin luther king legacy has meant to their careers and the game was no contest. washington l as many as 31. sixers couldn't compete. john wall was the facilitator getting everybody involved. all five starters in double figures. dominated the inside. 111-76 was the final in game. so the wizards win big. get their 29th win of the year and today, their minds were on dr. king. motivated by an african-american whose monument stands now proudly with lincoln and jefferson's memorials. there were special shirts. >> this is m.l.k. shirt. m.l.k. day shirt. pretty cool. >> and john wall donned commemorative shoes. >> m.l.k. day today. >> but products aside for the
5:53 pm
wizards players, this day was so much more profound. >> not know what to say too much about because everything he did, he paved the way for a lot of people. >> the wizards home court sits nearly in the shadow of the lincoln memorial where martin luther king jr. delivered his i have a dream speech. >> a lot of guys on the team were the same age he was when he was going around speaking changing people's lives and changing their perspective. >> for him to be as intelligent and as in tune and influential at that time at such a young age, it's just incredible to think about. >> with the nba which is predominantly african-american be the nba without the work of martin luther king? no says the wizards guard. >> we understand what he did for this nation, what he did for the world. he's a game changer in so many different ways. and i respect him for that and love him for that. >> what a great speech that was and a little known fact george ravling, assistant coach was
5:54 pm
there that day. and ran into dr. king and he has that speech in a safety deposit box. >> you need to convince him. >> been trying for years. >> what a great story. >> thank you.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> a northern virginia community is on edge and on the lookout after two dogs were poisoned yesterday and had to go to the hospital for treatment. abc 7's chris pabst spent the day in the neighborhood so chris, what did you find out about this? >> this is a very old very established, very quiet neighborhood but what has happened here over the past 24 years really has these residents shaken up and these signs that have been stapled on to these posts tell exactly why. they say warning, be very careful. someone is poisoning dogs. in our neighborhood.
5:58 pm
it was really odd to see her like that. >> meet bonnie. bonnie is a 5-year-old chihuahua mix who spent the last day in the hospital for something that wasn't her fault. >> yesterday morning bonnie went for a walk in her neighborhood. like dozens of dogs do every day. when she found and ate what looked like a piece of sausage. her owner didn't think much of it. soon after, bonnie was rushed to the hospital where it was learned she became the second dog that day from her block. the neighborhood was immediately searched and from 22nd to 26th street on north columbus, chunks of sausage stuffed with pills just like this were found. signs now warn dog owners and parents to be careful. >> whoever is doing this i hope
5:59 pm
stops because it's bad and expensive and just little kids. >> the animal welfare league here in arlington, they do have that substance, they are testing it to see exactly what it was. now, if it can be proven that somebody was intentionally trying to poison these dogs and that person is found they could face criminal charges of animal cruelty. live in arlington, chris pabst abc 7 news. >> coming up right now at 6:00 the governor terry mauliffe is commenting on his health after being hospitalized today. we'll have an update on his condition. >> flowers at the gate of the waterfront mansion consumed by fire. six are feared dead. i'm brad bell. coming up why the hunt for victims might not even begin until wednesday. >> and the fight for higher wages in virginia suffers a setback. the latest decision in a push to raise the minimum wage.
6:00 pm
>> still burning and still searching. six people are unaccounted for after a four alarm fire at an annapolis mansion. the $9 million home went up in flames early this morning. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been at the scene all day and he's leave now with the latest development. brad? >> firefighters are still here and they're trying to put out the hot spots. this gate only hints at what a huge property this is back down this lane. nobody told us about the real estate tonight. what everybody is talking about is the six people who


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